Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Power of 80

Just went to a kind of surprise party for a Family Friend... He's turning 80. Though to see him and know his personality you'd swear he's in his 60's. He's still bowling on the local bowling leagues. He used to bowl on the same league day as my Grandma. That's how I met him and his Lady Margie.

And it's a small world. Through knowing and meeting Chuck, I met his son, Charles. Later I find I'm working with Charles' wife...  So even though he started out as someone my Grandma knew... He's become a family friend...

So happy Birthday!!  Hope you bowl great tonight...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dark Matter

I got interested in a new TV Show called Dark Matter. A group of people wake up on a ship out in space. Each one of them have no memory of who they are or where they were. They do find an android that can pilot the ship. Since they can't remember their names they call themselves by the names of the number order that they woke up...  one, two, three, four, and five.

They later find out they were wanted criminals with a rep... they just don't feel like they were criminals. They started doing good things which confused everyone they came into contact with. They were out to figure out what they wanted do and how to live. There were conflicts around every corner.

I got to go to DragonCon again this year... And the hightlight of it was the panels for Dark Matter. I made it to 2 different panels. Almost the whole crew was there. Only 2 members were missing. And my other highlights...

Me and the Dark Matter Crew..

Me and Jodelle Ferland... She plays Five on Dark Matter. She's my favorites on Dark Matter.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Heir Chronicles

While at DragonCon 2015 in Atlanta I was waiting around for Mercedes Lackey to show up for her book signing session. One of the other Author tables had changed Authors. I kinda felt sorry for the Author as she had no one coming for Autographs, though she had an awesome poster with her. So I wondered over and asked if I could have a poster. Then I got her to sign the poster for me. I had briefly looked at her books when I wondered the "book store" the vendors had going on in the background. So I stood there a few minutes and talked to her about her books. They sounded interesting.

I told myself that I would look up one of her books when I got back home. Recently I was able to pick up the 1st book in her Heir Chronicles Series. For me it has a Young Adult feel to it. It kinda reminded me a bit of the tone of Harry Potter and Wizard of Oz and a few other similar stories.

The Author is Cinda Williams Chima.  A very interesting name...  I'm curious about book 2 of the series now. I have someone I talk to on Facebook who is going to try the book also... I had mentioned I was going to read the series. So I told her I just finished book 1 and liked it. Guess that was enough for her LOL...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Why can't the World Growup

I was reading this article on a website (Do Civilians Need to Just Grow Up About Military-breastfeeding?) And then I read some of the comments people left under the article.

Some are all for Breastfeeding but not while in Uniform. Some don't care about the Uniform if they are someplace private. Some said they should just change into Civilian clothes first. All of this has gotten me to thinking about what my stance is on all this.

So here's my take: I am all for Breastfeeding if it's comfortable for you and the baby and there aren't any complications. It's okay if you don't want to breastfeed or for some reason you can't. We should never make the Mothers feel like they aren't good Mothers because they don't or can't. It's a personal choice.

I don't think of it with any kind of sexual tones. It's a Mother feeding a child. The world has sexualized way too many things in life that are human nature. We do need to get over ourselves and grow up. We aren't teaching our children to be understanding or thoughtful or respectful anymore thru our actions.

And since the article is dealing with the breastfeeding in uniform.. here's what I think on that:  To respect the Uniform you have to respect the individual who is wearing that Uniform. They could end up putting their lives on the line to wear that Uniform. They have pride in their job and the military, but they also have pride in being a Mother. Why should they have to change their clothes to feed the baby. Do they have to change their clothes to feed themselves? It's kind of like saying..."Sorry baby I can't feed you right now because I'm in Uniform" Those who have kids should know how things work with kids. When a baby is hungry they want their food right then. We don't really wait to eat when we are really hungry. If you do.. more power to you.

Breastfeeding is a natural thing that has been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years. What do you think Mothers were doing way before bottles and formula came out? And do you really think they bothered to cover themselves up everytime they fed their children?

If you have a hard time with watching or seeing someone breastfeeding, I have one question for you... WHY are you watching or looking? If it bothers you then don't look. It's as easy as that. It's kinda of like that age old saying... If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all..  In this case... if you don't like what you are seeing then don't look. Mayhaps I don't really want to watch you eat your food...

The only time you really see anything is when the Mother is changing sides or fixing her bra/shirt back. And that is something a Mother could work to try and minimize showing. But when a baby is actually feeding.. there really isn't much to see that you wouldn't see in some fashionable clothes. There is some high fashion that shows off more breast than breastfeeding ever does. But that is okay in society.. where as breastfeeding isn't?

Friday, September 11, 2015


Well I'm back from DragonCon. It was fun. I saw lots of interesting costumes. I got in to see the Ghost Hunters Panel. I went to a Seminar talking about making the Best Dungeons for D&D games. Went to a Dance party at a local club. Bought some purty dice. Drooled a bit over the kewl stuff at all the vendors...

I so need to save up more money.. Now I know how it all works kinda. I've learned to try not to do things back to back unless they are in same hotel. And even then it doesn't guarantee you will get into the stuff. You have to get there early and stand in line. They can only let in so many people.

The whole DragonCon Unit encompasses about 5 or 6 hotels on 3 or 4 different streets. So there is alot of walking involved sometimes. Even when the seminars and panels aren't going late at night there are parties going on into the wee hours in the lobbies and halls. I caught a group doing the Macarena...

I got some Autographs from some Authors...  My favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis, and an Author I haven't read yet... Cinda Williams Chima. Her books sounded interesting though.

I did a Cosplay Life Drawing session with a guy who used to work with Conan O'Brien.

I took hundreds of pictures of the Parade they had. I'll try to see if can share the pictures thru a link.

Also got to go to an After Hours party at the Georgia Aquarium. They did their first Costume contest. They picked people from the Audience of costumes to compete supposedly. There were some awesome detailed costumes.

It was soo hot. I don't know how the people with all the leather or the big hoop skirts and corsets could stand to walk from hotel to hotel...  though I can kinda of guess... when you love to dress up you do anything you can to wear that costume. Even brave the heat to show it off. I think most wore their costumes and then changed into regular clothes later usually with some kinda costume prop (ie. cat ears, beanies with animal faces, steampunk top hats, etc etc)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where has the time gone..

Wow where has the time gone.... I can't believe I haven't posted anything here since May of 2014, I need to get back to it.

Currently I'm excited to be a Great-Aunt soon. My Niece is having a little boy in a few weeks. Today sometime my Cousin is going in to be induced to have her baby Girl...

Also currently in process of making a costume to dress up for the East Coast DragonCon in Atlanta. It'll almost be like going home sorta. One of these days I'll make it to the San Diego ComiCon. Then I will have all my bases covered... LOL

I'm excited.. my favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyon will be at DragonCon. And I know one of the Vendors that will be there...which is sorta kewl. He sells awesome leather goods and costume pieces. They are just a wee bit too expensive for me.. for time being LOL.

I'm still doing my Genealogy stuff... I've been working on a project I started. Trying to get it done before I go to Atlanta so I can take a copy to my Sister, Niece and my Nephews. Not sure if I can get it done... but I'll try inbetween sewing up a costume.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blogging :)

This isn't my only blog i have.. I currently have 4 I think... besides this one. Here is a list and links for those who are interested in seeing other stuff I do or say.

Under a Burgandy Star    - This is the one that holds some of my poetry and I might add some short stories or other things I've written. I might eventually add some of my favorite poems there that others wrote.

I'm really big into Genealogy. I have a blog that I devote my finds and thoughts on for that purpose  here.. Who Do You Think You Are?

Most of the younger generation grew up playing video games... the only time I really got to play was when I was at the doctors office.. except you had to take turns with other kids. We really didn't have the money for gaming systems. I did play a few games on my computer as a teen though. Now that I'm older and I have a job I'm able to afford games and systems. I currently play NDS stuff, Xbox 360 stuff, and Wii stuff. I like the NDS for traveling. I like my xbox 360 with the kinect. So does my mom... probably why it's in the living room instead of my room, even though I bought it. I'll probably eventually move the Wii into my room. Mom bought the Wii but she really didn't like it much. I like playing Kirby's epic yarn on it. So I started a small blog that I can talk about games I've played on there...Library of Gaming! It is for anythinghaving to do with many different kind of games... from computer, gaming systems to good ole tabletop role play... debating on whether I wanna lump my "live action" type role play from renaissance faires in there too..

My newest one is mainly for me to "keep track" of interesting things I come across... but in this way I can share what I find kewl with other people... it's just a buncha of random tidbits of information.. Library of Tidbits

Just thought I'd share..   Enjoy... let me know what ya think...   :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Only 2 More Weeks!!

I can't wait... I got permission to take time off around Memorial weekend to go see a concert. The concert is in Las Vegas at the House of Blues of all places...  that's just too kewl.

Who am I going to see??  Why Lindsey Stirling..  Youtube rising star of Violin music to some interesting techno type music. And she dances some while playing..  It's really kewl. Look her up sometime if you want to see something different.

Hoping to see one of my cousins and his family while I'm there... nervous about it though. I've never met this cousin though we kinda grew up seeing pictures of each other. Well he saw them when he visited Grandma and Grandpa. He and his sister both got to visit with the Grandparents more than I did.

I hate that I won't get to be in Las Vegas for more than 1 night... but I'll be there enough I think to get a zillion pictures of the hotels and lights on the strip.

hopefully i'll have some great pics to post when i get back.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slightly Teary

I got slightly teary-eyed the other night at work. One of the regular customers that I know said hiyas to me when I came up to take over the register that he was at with his purchases. This particular customer is the owner of a local store that sometimes sponsors a Renaissance Fantasy Faire.

When he was done he went to walk away. He remembered something and came back asking me if I had a moment. The lady I was gonna take over the register from was still doing a transaction so I went to see what he wanted.

Sometimes his 7 year old son comes in with him. His son was quietly curious what was "wrong" with me... why I was a little different. I had no problem saying that it's a Birth Defect.. that I was born like this. I guess the subject prompted a discussion about "judging a book by it's cover" and people and their differences.

I remember he said something about his son realizing that having the kewl clothes and latest stuff doesn't make you a better person at school. It's how you act and treat other people.

He went on to tell me that he and his son thought I a good and sweet person that always seems to smile... well something like that as I can't remember all he said. He used a buncha kewl adjectives.

I am usually happy-go-lucky most of the time. It takes too much energy to be down and out. Besides being upbeat can be contagious to others. So here's to being sweet and smiling all over the place!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Smash Books

Okay so who has heard of Smashbooks??  I saw them in Walmart... They are kewl. It's basically a book of preprinted pages kind of like a scrapbook/journal style. You add pictures and write in it about whatever. They do come in different themes like wedding, nostagia, travel...  They sometimes have questions to answer. There are a lot of products to use from the company K & Company Smash*. They have decorative tapes, ribbons, markers, envelopes, stickers, and fun little embellishments to make it your own story.

I like what the company said in a video about the smashbook... "It's a catchall for the things that make you smile."  I just kinda make my own though... it's easy enough to do with a 3 ring binder and a buncha different scrapbooking papers. Add a buncha stickers and other stuff to make one kinda like it.

And I also came across the Photo Journaling craze. Where for a whole month you are given a topic per day. You use pictures and journaling to cover that topic...  I did a cross between a smashbook and Photo Journaling and Digi Scrapbooking to make a few pages... I thought they came out kewl but I couldn't keep up with doing one a day.. not with Working and sleeping.. LOL.

Here are the few I did...

Now I might not be able to keep up with 1 a day.. but I might be able to add 1 a week in addition to my other postings... I'm hoping to have things to post more than a few times a month.