Sunday, February 1, 2009

Show me the Money!

Well it's tax season again. And again I was able to do my taxes ASAP. I just had to remember my password to get in to see my W-2 from Wal-mart. And I had to wait for a certain form from my college. 

I had some new things on my W2 I've never had before... a retirement plan and 401K. I wasn't able to claim Earned Income Credit this year. Which I guess is a good thing. It means I'm slightly above the poverty level.. though any extra money helps.

One thing I'm happy and surprised about is I get a Education Credit this year. So that added some money on to my refund amount. I got so much I wanna do that I don't think all the money will cover it all...

I need to upgrade the memory of my computers. I need to pay off some of my school expenses. I need to pay off or pay on my Doctor bills. And I want to go to Las Vegas in the summer to see some cousins who are going to celebrate their 21st birthdays. Would love to get a laptop computer. And I need to get a scanner/printer combo that works with MAC and PC. I want one that uses 2 cartridges instead of one. A little more money for extra cartridge but I won't be using both all the time. As it is I only have color. So anything black and white is also done with color.

Oh well I'll figure it out when I actually have the money... I know I want to get the "Pen and Tablet" thing for drawing on the computer. I'll eventually need one for class I think... I think it'll be kewl...