Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When it hits the...

When it hits the fan.. I mean truck floor.. you get a yucky mess!

Work was awful tonight. We only had 4 people on my shift... a 1700 piece GM truck to unload and no supervisor. We opened the truck door and found a big huge mess of shampoo and mayonaise all over the place.. We had to clean up before we could even attempt to unload the boxes. We had such a mess to clean after the truck was done. We had syrup all over the back of the truck also... we were covered in the stuff it seemed like.

It was like the truck driver slammed on his/her brakes when backing up to our dock doors. Everything was thrown forward. Two cases of mayonaise were thrown forward and dropped breaking the lids off most of them and splattering it everywhere. A few boxes of shampoo broke and the caps broken. So we had the shampoo all over the boxes and it had run under some boxes way back in truck. We had to clean it up and mop before we could get on with unloading the truck. And as I meantioned eariler there was syrup all over the back of the truck. It had run under several palettes so they had to be placed on other palettes to keep them off the floor.

We didn't get done with the truck before our lunchtime. We stopped to take our lunch though about 6:30pm. Our Asst. Manager wasn't too happy but what could we do. State Law in Oregon is that you have to have your meal between your 4th and 5th hour. Violating it can get you into trouble. One of our team had to go to lunch or violate so we all went together. While on lunch, our Grocery truck showed up... And there wasn't anyone to unload the palettes except asst. managers. When we got back the palettes were everywhere... I was told to work the breakpacks while the other 3 downstatcked Grocery palettes...

Okay Downstacking Grocery involves a lot of carts and/or empty palettes. We have to take certain palettes full of grocery and pull the stuff off and send down the line. It's then seperated into the aisles the food goes to... example: cookies and crackers go to aisle 5. So all those are put on a cart or palette together. We have to do this for 3rd shift who stocks the Grocery.

Breakpacks... a recap... they are foldable boxes that are worth about $.75 to the company. They have flaps that close without needing tape. They usually come from Warehouse mixed with many depts in them. They hold the onsie/twosie stuff we need to fill holes on the shelves. (Empty places where product should be) I have to go thru the boxes and sort the stuff into the depts. So all electronic stuff goes in one box, etc etc. Usually I also do processing but I dind't get to that tonight.

We took our last break and came back to finish grocery/breakpacks. Only we get sent out in the rain to bring in carts. Our cart pusher went home sick. So basically 3rd shift had to finish the grocery and breakpacks. We got back in time to clean up and do all our claims.

Claims are all those broken and yucky items from the truck. So all the mayonaise, syrup, and shampoo. We didn't get out of there on time. We were like 15 to 20 minutes late getting out of work. Which means we have to cut the time our next work day... It's a pain in the neck!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Looks at the Cobwebs

Oh My Word.... It's been a long time since I've been here... Look at all the cogwebs everywhere... Sorry! I have been rather busy with work and school. And then there is finding time to do homework and sleep.

I have been getting myself out of the house occassionally. I have a friend whodragged me (easily enough) into a table-top Role Play game. We are playing Palladium's Heroes Unlimited. I might see about another game when I can do it. There just happens to be a new shop in downtown main street area. It's a Gaming store. It's really kewl. The atmosphere is kewl. They have games going on whenever someone wants to play card games like "MAGIC". Or at night when the shop is closed they have table-top Role Play games. They have tournaments and other events. It's still in the process of getting the shop together but it's kewl that they are still open. We get to see the changes to the store as they build them...

I'm still working at the Local Wallie World (wal-mart for those who don't know). Some days I like it but lately I'm mostly hating it. They've been on my case for one thing or another. And the whole structure of how the store is run is getting changed all around. The people don't like change so they either grumble about it non-stop or quit. A few get fired for variest reasons. I'm waiting to see how it's gonna affect me. It may end my tuesday night gaming... gee I hope not... I like hanging out with the guys...

I'm still doing my schooling for Graphic design. Currently I'm in Life Drawing. Oh and I finally got myself a Laptop. It's one of teh reasons I haven't been on here. I had to look up my info because I forgot it. I haven't transfered or copied my links from desktop to laptop yet....

Well I gotta go for a bit. I'll try and get back to my little hole in the blog world...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Show me the Money!

Well it's tax season again. And again I was able to do my taxes ASAP. I just had to remember my password to get in to see my W-2 from Wal-mart. And I had to wait for a certain form from my college. 

I had some new things on my W2 I've never had before... a retirement plan and 401K. I wasn't able to claim Earned Income Credit this year. Which I guess is a good thing. It means I'm slightly above the poverty level.. though any extra money helps.

One thing I'm happy and surprised about is I get a Education Credit this year. So that added some money on to my refund amount. I got so much I wanna do that I don't think all the money will cover it all...

I need to upgrade the memory of my computers. I need to pay off some of my school expenses. I need to pay off or pay on my Doctor bills. And I want to go to Las Vegas in the summer to see some cousins who are going to celebrate their 21st birthdays. Would love to get a laptop computer. And I need to get a scanner/printer combo that works with MAC and PC. I want one that uses 2 cartridges instead of one. A little more money for extra cartridge but I won't be using both all the time. As it is I only have color. So anything black and white is also done with color.

Oh well I'll figure it out when I actually have the money... I know I want to get the "Pen and Tablet" thing for drawing on the computer. I'll eventually need one for class I think... I think it'll be kewl...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Child of 80's

Oh my.... I haven't been on here since before Thanksgiving. I've been very busy though. We had the Thanksgiving madhouse. Then the Christmas Rock-a-way days. Then there was the mad dash for the party supplies for New Years Eve. Just when we think we'll have a Holiday break... think again. There is the Superbowl party stuff, Valentine's Day stuff and now Gardening is starting to get in the Spring time stuff to sell.

Anyways.. I'm on my 3rd class for College. So far I've gotten a B+ for my 1st class and an A for my 2nd class. The class I'm taking now is Perspective (a drawing class). We will be going into our 2nd week already in a few days. 

Okay on to the topic at Hand!!

A friend of mine sent me a neat little application request on Facebook (FB). These little applications are kinda kewl in they let you send things to your friends on FB. This particular application was about 80's Toys. It brought back sooo many memories of when I was little.

It's even funny to talk to some of the others who were young about the same time period as myself. We start talking about growing up in the 80's and what we played with or what we watched. I'm definitely a child of the 80's.

- I never really had a RUBIX CUBE myself. I think my brother had one though. 
- I had a CABBAGE PATCH KID doll. It was one of the newborn ones. I didn't like the ones with a small patch of hair. Mine was bald as I thought it should be as a newborn.
- I had a baby STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE doll. When you squeezed her belly she smelled like strawberries.
- I also had the smaller STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE dolls. Though I had a few I can only remember strawberry herself. I had her little white gazebo house and a tons of clothing. I was always trying to get my older sister to play dolls with me. She's about 10 years older than I am.
- I got a baby MY LITTLE PONY set while in the hospital after one of my many surgeries. It came with a diaper, bottle, rattle, necklace that said baby, and a playpen. I also had the girl doll Megan with the pony that came with her. I may have had other ponies also but I can't remember.
- I had a ton of BARBIES or barbie knock offs. Hey we lived in West Virginia for a time period. We were sorta poor then. So I was happy with the knock offs. I had a ton of clothing. My favorite thing was to dress them and fix their hair. Later I had some Barbie furniture. I had the kitchen set, the dining room set and the bedroom set for the style that was about roses. The headboard of the bed snapped off and could be turned around to Bows. The comforter turned over to be white with pink bows instead of roses.
- I played with LEGOS. I had this huge bucket of hundreds of legos. It was something I could entice my older brother to to. He liked to play with legos also. I have pictures of this tall tower we built out of legos.
- I never did have a RAINBOW BRITE doll but I had a Rainbow Brite quilt that my Mom made me. I did like playing with my friends dolls though.
- I even had a few Smooshees. Those cute little soft dolls that you smooshed into the little plastic accessories that came with them. I had one that had blonde hair that had a little backpack. I can't remember if that was what ya smooshed her into. I had a baby that smooshed into a stroller. And I had a cat that smooshed into it's own little rounded basket looking home.

Agg remember those GARBAGE PAIL KIDS collector cards? I even had a few of those. They were so gross that we were intrigued.

I watched Thundercats and Transformers. 
I watched He-Man and She-Ra. I eventually figured out they were sister and brother but I forget if they ever explained how they got separated at birth.
I watched the Teen-aged Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved the movies.
I watched the Smurfs. Baby Smurf was my favorite. 
I watched the Carebears. 
I remember watching JEM. I so wanted one of the dolls.
I don' think I ever watched Fraggle Rock until I was older and saw it during a trip to Texas with a friend.
I watched Sesame Street back when there was a huge furry dog named Barkly on there. I don't know if he's still on there.
I watched My Little Pony Tales.
I watched Muppet Babies and Gummie Bears.
I watched the Jetsons.
I can't remember if I watched the Wuzzles but I know I knew of them. looks promising.. It looks like it has a lot of the 80's cartoon info including some of the theme songs.

Oh and those good ole 80's movies....

Try this website for other 80's Movies... it's really informative and has like 540 movies that were made in the 80's.

And to me the kewlest 80's movie is one not a lot of people have seen or heard of... check out Electric Dreams at the website. For an 80's computer related movie it's kewl. It has really good songs by Culture Club. Also Human League's Phil Oakey sings the theme song written by Georgio Moroder.