Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In the last few months 2 of my cousins had babies.  :)

My Cousin Alex and his wife are both Military or were. His wife Courtney just gave birth not long ago to a little boy. It looks like they are keeping a naming pattern going for a 4th Generation...  

          Grandpa - A. C. M.
          Uncle (Alex's Dad) - A. C. M.
          Alex - A. C. M.
          Baby - A. C. M.

I think that's kewl. Mayhaps Uncle Alan and Grandpa are smiling from where they are... It's sad that they aren't here to see him. I saw pictures and he's a cutie!!  :)

Then there's my Cousin Brian. I remember when he was younger and now he's a DADDY!!  Woo hoo. His "Special Lady" Jeanine gave birth not long ago to a little girl. Her initials came out as X. Y. Z.     Kewl names with a bit of the family weird humor... Though gotta know the Clan to understand what I mean.

She's a cutie though... And she's gonna have her daddy wrapped around her lil finger...  LOL...   Note to future boyfriends... Mess with one "Z" Clan and you're gonna end up with all of them on your case... and there are enough of Brian's cousins all around the same age range.....  And that's not counting the Uncles and Aunts!!!

I'm currently working on some cute lil felt booties that are a kewl matching color for this cute lil outfit I found. The booties are easy enough to make.. it's the embroidery that takes some time as I'm doing it all by hand. I also have a crazy idea for a pair of "Joke" Booties... for Brian's lil girl.

Brian is a Graphic Artist who likes to use a lot of bright colors. He does posters and advertising for many little or big music festivals all up and down the east coast...  Music festivals, culture festivals, ... you name it he's probably designed a poster for it...   He's also into music himself.... He plays and writes his own music if I remember right.  So I have some left over faux patent leather looking material and some brightly tie dyed looking fleece scraps. I thought about altering a bootie pattern I have to look like a loose version of black boots with the bright fleece on the inside.... I'm hoping it comes out kewl.... might have to make some more!

I just gotta get this done before she gets too big to wear this stuff....   girls are so much easier to figure out stuff for than boys...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disney Memories

A friend recently posted a mini Video they took when they rode the Tower ride at MGM Studios at Disney World in Florida. It reminded me of when I rode the ride. Of coarse I was alone (not recommended at Disney World) and rode the ride with a buncha strangers. What made it really bad was I was in a row with a bunch teenage boys.... Luckily I was on the outside and had a sorta handle to hold on to....  and boy did I hold on to it....  I also had my eyes closed half the time....  

For those who don't know... The ride looks like a elevator in a hotel that takes you up really high then drops you a few feet... then pulls ya up some and drops you again.... it does it a few more times...    So you never really know when it's over until it's over and you are going thru the doors.... back into the wonderful world of the twlight zone... The props all over the place were awesome though....

I've been trying to get my pictures up online so I can share... the main problem is I've been busy with work and I have like 1000's of pictures... and that's from 4 different parks.. plus the 80 or 90 pictures the park photographers took for me....   I've been trying to organize them... I'm getting closer... I at least have them organized according to the different parks...

Now I just gotta weed thru them to figure out which are too blurry or something I really don't want... I took a buncha pictures are MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom because Mom hasn't been to them... I wanted to show her what I saw... to get her excited enough to want to see it herself LOL....

Somewhere I even have a few lil movies I took.... there was an interesting band at Epcot..  It was a mix of rock, Celtic (scottish/irish) and something else totally different. I'll try to get those up too... If I do I'll try and post them here!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been playing with my Geneology again lately. I recently traced my Grandmother's family back. I found out my Great-Grandmother was part Cherokee. She and her family were listed on the Dawes Rolls.

On a website called I found Eastern Cherokee Applications for Citizenship. The website actually has  scanned copies of the images of the applications. It's so kewl....