Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dark Matter

I got interested in a new TV Show called Dark Matter. A group of people wake up on a ship out in space. Each one of them have no memory of who they are or where they were. They do find an android that can pilot the ship. Since they can't remember their names they call themselves by the names of the number order that they woke up...  one, two, three, four, and five.

They later find out they were wanted criminals with a rep... they just don't feel like they were criminals. They started doing good things which confused everyone they came into contact with. They were out to figure out what they wanted do and how to live. There were conflicts around every corner.

I got to go to DragonCon again this year... And the hightlight of it was the panels for Dark Matter. I made it to 2 different panels. Almost the whole crew was there. Only 2 members were missing. And my other highlights...

Me and the Dark Matter Crew..

Me and Jodelle Ferland... She plays Five on Dark Matter. She's my favorites on Dark Matter.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Heir Chronicles

While at DragonCon 2015 in Atlanta I was waiting around for Mercedes Lackey to show up for her book signing session. One of the other Author tables had changed Authors. I kinda felt sorry for the Author as she had no one coming for Autographs, though she had an awesome poster with her. So I wondered over and asked if I could have a poster. Then I got her to sign the poster for me. I had briefly looked at her books when I wondered the "book store" the vendors had going on in the background. So I stood there a few minutes and talked to her about her books. They sounded interesting.

I told myself that I would look up one of her books when I got back home. Recently I was able to pick up the 1st book in her Heir Chronicles Series. For me it has a Young Adult feel to it. It kinda reminded me a bit of the tone of Harry Potter and Wizard of Oz and a few other similar stories.

The Author is Cinda Williams Chima.  A very interesting name...  I'm curious about book 2 of the series now. I have someone I talk to on Facebook who is going to try the book also... I had mentioned I was going to read the series. So I told her I just finished book 1 and liked it. Guess that was enough for her LOL...