Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When it hits the...

When it hits the fan.. I mean truck floor.. you get a yucky mess!

Work was awful tonight. We only had 4 people on my shift... a 1700 piece GM truck to unload and no supervisor. We opened the truck door and found a big huge mess of shampoo and mayonaise all over the place.. We had to clean up before we could even attempt to unload the boxes. We had such a mess to clean after the truck was done. We had syrup all over the back of the truck also... we were covered in the stuff it seemed like.

It was like the truck driver slammed on his/her brakes when backing up to our dock doors. Everything was thrown forward. Two cases of mayonaise were thrown forward and dropped breaking the lids off most of them and splattering it everywhere. A few boxes of shampoo broke and the caps broken. So we had the shampoo all over the boxes and it had run under some boxes way back in truck. We had to clean it up and mop before we could get on with unloading the truck. And as I meantioned eariler there was syrup all over the back of the truck. It had run under several palettes so they had to be placed on other palettes to keep them off the floor.

We didn't get done with the truck before our lunchtime. We stopped to take our lunch though about 6:30pm. Our Asst. Manager wasn't too happy but what could we do. State Law in Oregon is that you have to have your meal between your 4th and 5th hour. Violating it can get you into trouble. One of our team had to go to lunch or violate so we all went together. While on lunch, our Grocery truck showed up... And there wasn't anyone to unload the palettes except asst. managers. When we got back the palettes were everywhere... I was told to work the breakpacks while the other 3 downstatcked Grocery palettes...

Okay Downstacking Grocery involves a lot of carts and/or empty palettes. We have to take certain palettes full of grocery and pull the stuff off and send down the line. It's then seperated into the aisles the food goes to... example: cookies and crackers go to aisle 5. So all those are put on a cart or palette together. We have to do this for 3rd shift who stocks the Grocery.

Breakpacks... a recap... they are foldable boxes that are worth about $.75 to the company. They have flaps that close without needing tape. They usually come from Warehouse mixed with many depts in them. They hold the onsie/twosie stuff we need to fill holes on the shelves. (Empty places where product should be) I have to go thru the boxes and sort the stuff into the depts. So all electronic stuff goes in one box, etc etc. Usually I also do processing but I dind't get to that tonight.

We took our last break and came back to finish grocery/breakpacks. Only we get sent out in the rain to bring in carts. Our cart pusher went home sick. So basically 3rd shift had to finish the grocery and breakpacks. We got back in time to clean up and do all our claims.

Claims are all those broken and yucky items from the truck. So all the mayonaise, syrup, and shampoo. We didn't get out of there on time. We were like 15 to 20 minutes late getting out of work. Which means we have to cut the time our next work day... It's a pain in the neck!