Friday, April 15, 2016

The Heir Chronicles

While at DragonCon 2015 in Atlanta I was waiting around for Mercedes Lackey to show up for her book signing session. One of the other Author tables had changed Authors. I kinda felt sorry for the Author as she had no one coming for Autographs, though she had an awesome poster with her. So I wondered over and asked if I could have a poster. Then I got her to sign the poster for me. I had briefly looked at her books when I wondered the "book store" the vendors had going on in the background. So I stood there a few minutes and talked to her about her books. They sounded interesting.

I told myself that I would look up one of her books when I got back home. Recently I was able to pick up the 1st book in her Heir Chronicles Series. For me it has a Young Adult feel to it. It kinda reminded me a bit of the tone of Harry Potter and Wizard of Oz and a few other similar stories.

The Author is Cinda Williams Chima.  A very interesting name...  I'm curious about book 2 of the series now. I have someone I talk to on Facebook who is going to try the book also... I had mentioned I was going to read the series. So I told her I just finished book 1 and liked it. Guess that was enough for her LOL...