Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Only 2 More Weeks!!

I can't wait... I got permission to take time off around Memorial weekend to go see a concert. The concert is in Las Vegas at the House of Blues of all places...  that's just too kewl.

Who am I going to see??  Why Lindsey Stirling..  Youtube rising star of Violin music to some interesting techno type music. And she dances some while playing..  It's really kewl. Look her up sometime if you want to see something different.

Hoping to see one of my cousins and his family while I'm there... nervous about it though. I've never met this cousin though we kinda grew up seeing pictures of each other. Well he saw them when he visited Grandma and Grandpa. He and his sister both got to visit with the Grandparents more than I did.

I hate that I won't get to be in Las Vegas for more than 1 night... but I'll be there enough I think to get a zillion pictures of the hotels and lights on the strip.

hopefully i'll have some great pics to post when i get back.

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