Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blogging :)

This isn't my only blog i have.. I currently have 4 I think... besides this one. Here is a list and links for those who are interested in seeing other stuff I do or say.

Under a Burgandy Star    - This is the one that holds some of my poetry and I might add some short stories or other things I've written. I might eventually add some of my favorite poems there that others wrote.

I'm really big into Genealogy. I have a blog that I devote my finds and thoughts on for that purpose  here.. Who Do You Think You Are?

Most of the younger generation grew up playing video games... the only time I really got to play was when I was at the doctors office.. except you had to take turns with other kids. We really didn't have the money for gaming systems. I did play a few games on my computer as a teen though. Now that I'm older and I have a job I'm able to afford games and systems. I currently play NDS stuff, Xbox 360 stuff, and Wii stuff. I like the NDS for traveling. I like my xbox 360 with the kinect. So does my mom... probably why it's in the living room instead of my room, even though I bought it. I'll probably eventually move the Wii into my room. Mom bought the Wii but she really didn't like it much. I like playing Kirby's epic yarn on it. So I started a small blog that I can talk about games I've played on there...Library of Gaming! It is for anythinghaving to do with many different kind of games... from computer, gaming systems to good ole tabletop role play... debating on whether I wanna lump my "live action" type role play from renaissance faires in there too..

My newest one is mainly for me to "keep track" of interesting things I come across... but in this way I can share what I find kewl with other people... it's just a buncha of random tidbits of information.. Library of Tidbits

Just thought I'd share..   Enjoy... let me know what ya think...   :)

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Barb Pinion said...

Thanks for the links. I'm quite behind on blogs but getting caught up. I'll be checking out some of your links in a bit. Thanks again. Have an awesome day.