Friday, September 11, 2015


Well I'm back from DragonCon. It was fun. I saw lots of interesting costumes. I got in to see the Ghost Hunters Panel. I went to a Seminar talking about making the Best Dungeons for D&D games. Went to a Dance party at a local club. Bought some purty dice. Drooled a bit over the kewl stuff at all the vendors...

I so need to save up more money.. Now I know how it all works kinda. I've learned to try not to do things back to back unless they are in same hotel. And even then it doesn't guarantee you will get into the stuff. You have to get there early and stand in line. They can only let in so many people.

The whole DragonCon Unit encompasses about 5 or 6 hotels on 3 or 4 different streets. So there is alot of walking involved sometimes. Even when the seminars and panels aren't going late at night there are parties going on into the wee hours in the lobbies and halls. I caught a group doing the Macarena...

I got some Autographs from some Authors...  My favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis, and an Author I haven't read yet... Cinda Williams Chima. Her books sounded interesting though.

I did a Cosplay Life Drawing session with a guy who used to work with Conan O'Brien.

I took hundreds of pictures of the Parade they had. I'll try to see if can share the pictures thru a link.

Also got to go to an After Hours party at the Georgia Aquarium. They did their first Costume contest. They picked people from the Audience of costumes to compete supposedly. There were some awesome detailed costumes.

It was soo hot. I don't know how the people with all the leather or the big hoop skirts and corsets could stand to walk from hotel to hotel...  though I can kinda of guess... when you love to dress up you do anything you can to wear that costume. Even brave the heat to show it off. I think most wore their costumes and then changed into regular clothes later usually with some kinda costume prop (ie. cat ears, beanies with animal faces, steampunk top hats, etc etc)

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