Thursday, March 6, 2014

Smash Books

Okay so who has heard of Smashbooks??  I saw them in Walmart... They are kewl. It's basically a book of preprinted pages kind of like a scrapbook/journal style. You add pictures and write in it about whatever. They do come in different themes like wedding, nostagia, travel...  They sometimes have questions to answer. There are a lot of products to use from the company K & Company Smash*. They have decorative tapes, ribbons, markers, envelopes, stickers, and fun little embellishments to make it your own story.

I like what the company said in a video about the smashbook... "It's a catchall for the things that make you smile."  I just kinda make my own though... it's easy enough to do with a 3 ring binder and a buncha different scrapbooking papers. Add a buncha stickers and other stuff to make one kinda like it.

And I also came across the Photo Journaling craze. Where for a whole month you are given a topic per day. You use pictures and journaling to cover that topic...  I did a cross between a smashbook and Photo Journaling and Digi Scrapbooking to make a few pages... I thought they came out kewl but I couldn't keep up with doing one a day.. not with Working and sleeping.. LOL.

Here are the few I did...

Now I might not be able to keep up with 1 a day.. but I might be able to add 1 a week in addition to my other postings... I'm hoping to have things to post more than a few times a month.

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