Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Personality... RICAS

My niece posted on Facebook about her results from taking a Personality test... I was curious so I went and took it too... She came out as "The Provider" while I came out as "The Composer".

It was interesting to see how close they are with what they said.. the only thing I didn't agree with was the point they kept saying that I didn't like puzzles and intellectual exercises... I do word puzzles all the time. I love doing Sudoku. I play games that exercises the memory skills.

Luckily my personality is what helps me get thru the day at work.. it's what people tend to see and respond to more and more than the fact that I'm "Different" in looks. I still feel uncomfortable when children are staring at me or commenting to their parents on things. Though it is nice to see parents actually reprimanding children for being kinda rude even though I know the kids are just curious. Luckily the tiny kids don't care... they wave, smile and say hiyas. I still have bouts of Awkwardness and discomfort. It's not as bad as when I was in school. I'm still emotionally driven and self-conscious.

I am still guarded with relationships and have a hard time telling how I feel. Or at least face to face I have a hard time telling how I feel. I can write it out okay sometimes. Or I use sarcasm to get my feelings across, or attempt to anyways. I have a hard time looking people in the eyes.

I'm still my happy-go-lucky bubbly personality though.. I find good in the little things. People know when something is wrong when I'm not bouncing all over the place with smiles... I either am not feeling good or I have a migraine (of coarse the sunglasses tip them off on the migraines LOL)

The website I did this personality test at is : Personality test @ LearnMyself

Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Working as a Cashier I'm in a good position to see Random Acts of Kindness... Some are more pronounced and some are so small you could miss them if you blinked.

Some of the small things are people who leave their pennies or small change for us cashiers to use for someone who needs it. Sometimes people who have big baskets of stuff will wave someone with 1 or 2 items to go in front of them.

I was cashiering and the lady I was checking out mentioned to me that she wasn't use to having to get her bags off the turnstile. The guy who was waiting behind her came around and started putting her bags of groceries into to her basket for her.

A young guy was like 15 or 16 cents short so he was going to put something back. The guy behind him pulled a quarter out of his pocket and gave it to him so he didn't have to put something back.

The one that really got me was when I had a couple who were checking out. For some reason their card wasn't working. They were in process of calling the bank to figure out what was going on. A young couple behind them asked me how much their purchases were... which it was plainly seen so I went ahead and told him it was like $30 or $40. He told me he'd pay for their purchases... he pulled out his card and ran it. Then paid cash for his own purchases. I was like wow... not many people will pick up someones tab that is that much.

And it's so cute how excited kids are to be able to pay for their stuff on their own. Granted Mommie or Daddy might have given them the money but they get to put it on the belt separately. It makes them feel grown up some.

I celebrate in my head when I'm able to help someone that some people just aren't very patient with. It could be why some people come back thru my line. I do have some of a following. I'm fast, patient and helpful. I can sometimes be entertaining.  :)    I get a lot of families who have deaf members, children with Autism or otherwise unique peoples. I just wish I was more confident with sign language but it's been years since I took my class at the local community college in North Carolina. I remember some of my signs but am not confident I'll understand their signs. Finger-spelling would take too long.