Friday, November 21, 2008


I know I haven't been around much lately. Between work, school, sleep and keeping up with my sister I'm exhausted most times. My Sister has me hooked on Especially a application/game on there called YoVille. It's kind of like a little virtual chat room world. You even go to work in their world. You can walk around and decorate your apt. You can change clothes and shop with the money you make at work. It's kinda addicting LOL.

Well I just finished one class. And it looks like I finished with a B+. I'm in my Computer Literacy class. So far I know most of the answers or where to find the answers I need. I've been helping out the other student who aren't as computer savvy.

I just had to upgrade my Microsoft Office to Office 2007 Professional. I needed it for class. It's kinda interesting. I just installed it to my computer a few minutes ago. It's a good thing I have a textbook showing us how to use it. It's totally different from Office 1997 which is what I have been using. I still have other software I need to get but I have to get with my counselor from the school about it. I was supposed to get a software voucher so I can order my software and I didn't get it... Luckily the first half of class is on Office.

Dunno how many out there know or like Enya. She's a modern take on Irish/Gaelic music. She use to be with a music group called Clannad, which just happened to be made up of family and friends. She went out on her own putting a new spin on the music. Clannad tends to be traditional Gaelic music. Well Enya has a new CD out. It's a Christmas CD.

Oh and I absolutely love Celtic Thunder the concert. I love the music and I still can't believe the voice of the youngest singer with the show. He's just barely in his teens.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wal-mart: Full of "Sheet"!

It was Halloween at Wal-mart. Well everywhere but us employees at Wal-mart got to dress up. In fact they ran a Costume contest. I'm curious who won. We had several good costumes this year. And we had more people dress up than last year. Maybe because we have some new people. We had a cop, a few prisoners, a doctor and a few nurses, a woodsprite (me), a Scottish peasant (my mom), a Target Employee (one of the girls on my crew), and a few other zany characters.

One that a lot of people liked was our day time maintenance guy. He had on his leather biking vest over a t-shirt with those "tattoo sleelves" on his arms. He had his kind of long hair down and whitened it a bit. He had his motorcycle helmet on. His face was whitened with tracks of blood on the side of his face. He was our Biker accident guy.

Well the management got into all the fun of dressing up. They got together and did a group thing. Hence the name of this posting. They all had sheets over their clothes in some fashion. The sheets were decorated with things that went along with their "Sheet" saying.... Here's what we had... See if you get the joke (if you haven't already)

T - Our Store Manager - Chicken "Sheet"
C - Asst. Manager - Bull "Sheet"
L - Asst. Manager - Dumb "Sheet"
B - Asst. Manager - No "Sheet" Sherlock
M - Asst. Manager - Jack "Sheet"
M - Assets and Prevention - Holy "Sheet"
J - Asst. Manager - When "Sheet" hits the fan
K - a District Manager - O "Sheet"!

It was so hilarious when T, C and L came in costume to our evening meeting. They kept cracking jokes using their character names. L was really getting into her role as Dumb "Sheet". I was starting to get a headache from laughing so hard. And T blurted out we had a spy amongst us. Then she pointed to the girl on my crew that was dressed up as a Target Employee. Accused her of trying to steal trade secrets. It was all in good fun though.

I did realize a lot of people don't know what a tankard is. Is there anyone out there that doesn't know what it is? Anyone who does know what it is? Just curious. People don't know what a woodsprite is either. Everything with wings is a Fairy I guess. Especially since the new Tinkerbell movie just came out on video. It's really cute. It tells a bit about Tink's "Childhood".